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Business content

Aiming to build an "easy-to-use system" and "easy-to-understand system" for customers, valuing the connection between "people" and "people" and the connection between "people" and "software" and creating new value together with customers Will do its best.

Business content

Business analysis, planning and proposal work such as system proposal

Development work from design to manufacturing and mounting

Operation maintenance and customization development of the current operating system

Cloud service and server housing service

ASP. Providing Web services

Technical contents

OS related

Windows, Unix, Linux, OS400, etc.


Language related

Java, C related, .Net, PL/SQL, COBOL, RPG, VB, etc.


Database related

Oraclr, SQLServer, DB2, etc.


Middleware related

Struts, Websphere, etc.

Programming configuration


Business model configuration


Development achievement

Development of car navigation system

Construction of a production management system for the panel tank manufacturing industry

Reservation for driving school, development of dispatch control system

Development of parts management and sales management system for dental equipment wholesale business

Development of sales support service system for telecommunications network products

Development of accommodation system reservation system

Warehouse and distribution industry logistics support and inventory management system development

Development of production and sales integration system for food manufacturing industry

ERP package software customization

Development of production support system for die casting parts

Development of ship operation support system for shipping industry


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