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Data. Housing service information

Server cloud housing is a service that divides and rents "IBM.AS400" owned by our company.
Customers can use the latest hardware simply by paying a monthly fee.
You can use it immediately by simply migrating to this service without modifying the current operating system.


《Recommended for this situation. 》


1. I want to integrate distributed systems and improve efficiency.

2. I want to reduce leasing fees, maintenance fees, labor costs, and equipment costs.

3. I want to protect the system from threats caused by natural disasters and man-made disasters.

" Features "


● It can be used on a monthly basis.
● Customers only need to pay the monthly leasing fee, and the monthly leasing fee,
● There is no server maintenance fee or equipment costs.
● Simply migrate your current system
You can use it immediately.
● Our company has abundant development experience of AS400 from the beginning (1993) to the present.

If you have any problems, an experienced technician will take care of them.
● Reduce the work of the customer's system staff and always provide the latest service

We will provide it.

For more information, please contact us from the [Inquiry Page] .

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